Our Technology

Quantum Interface creates experiences that change the way we interact with the world.

Our patented software technologies and solutions enhance experiences across any platform: virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), Internet of Things (IoT), drones, immersive media installations, transportation and beyond.

Our software technologies provide a consistent consumer experience regardless of hardware and sensors.

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Our Solutions

We work with our clients to provide patented software technologies, custom software solutions and services
as well as products that help create the future of experiences:

QI Precognition

Enables real time, predictive experiences based on user intent.

QI Motions

Move through your world on your terms with touch and touchless technology.

QI Hands-free Control

Control your world at every turn and at the speed of sight with gaze tracking and head control.


We work collaboratively to provide ongoing consulting, on-site workshops and training.


We create software products that help teams advance how people connect with the latest technologies.

Our Work

Our work spans across entertainment, automotive, retail, medical, consumer products and more.

QI Precognition - Experience next-generation VR navigation with Predictive Dynamic Motion in VR. QI’s technology makes e-commerce, easier, 3Xs faster than with current touch solutions. Get it on Google Play
Locomotion in Virtual Reality - Move through your world continuously. See how the Quantum Interface SDK is a patented dynamic motion physics engine that allows for continuous navigation in VR and eliminates motion sickness. It was built for the HTC Vive and works on all VR platforms. Watch the YouTube Video
QI Locomotion - Glide through virtual reality worlds without getting sick. See how QI’s patented dynamic motion physics engine changes the way people experience more content and real time movement in VR without walking in circles or getting sick. Watch the YouTube Video
Mixed Reality - We collaborated with AT&T, Ericsson and Fox Studio’s Innovation Lab to create a proof of concept applying gestures, voice and QI Motions to Microsoft HoloLens for enhanced filmmaking. Watch the YouTube Video
Calvin Klein Lookbook Demo - Fashion tech, holograms and more. See how QI Motions technology provides selection, pan and zoom functions in a touchless environment, such as window shopping and hologram experiences. Watch the YouTube Video
Google Cardboard VR E-Commerce - Make purchases in VR 3x’s faster. See how QI’s predictive dynamic motion technology, makes e-commerce experiences in VR more delightful and 3X faster than with current touch solutions. Watch the YouTube Video
Heads up Display (HUD) eye and body controls - Improving the in-vehicle infotainment experiences See how QI’s technology can use eyes, motions, voice or gesture to control the in-vehicle experience. Watch the YouTube Video
Smartglasses Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality - Make moves faster. See QI’s Hands-free Control technology applied to predictive checklist controls using eye, face or head tracking with smartglasses. Watch the YouTube Video
Dynamic Motions + Touchless Technology - Make moves that make the soundtrack to your world. See how QI’s touchless technology is applied to music and movement with a Leap Motion Sensor and Oculus Rift for a combination of scrolling, selection, play and control. Watch the YouTube Video
Touch + Touchless Appliance Controls - Power on, power up, power bright or power blue. See how QI Motions technology can control your connected world. Watch the YouTube Video
Netflix + Google Cardboard Demo - When your guide, guides you. See how QI’s Hands-free technology and tracking (Gaze) uses continuous navigation through the next level of content based on user intent. Watch the YouTube Video
Netflix Touchless Navigation - Motion and Augmented Reality Glasses Demo - No controller needed. See QI’s Hands-free Control technology scroll and selecting through menus just by changes of direction Watch the YouTube Video
Google Cardboard CES, 2016 Demo - Faster than the speed of sight! See how QI Precognition and QI Eyetracking technologies can predict user intent faster than any interface in the world. A huge leap forward in the human/machine interface (HMI). Watch the YouTube Video
The EyeZ have it - See how QI’s technology uses glance eyetracking and hand motion tracking for selection and control for interactive displays in augmented reality and virtual reality environments. Watch the YouTube Video
Helm™ Controls - Experience your music on your terms across mobile, automotive and XR environments. See how QI’s technology is applied to a media player with no-look controls it can also be applied to 3D VR/AR environments. Watch the YouTube Video
QI Launch - Move 4X -11X faster. QI Launch showcases an expanding, scrollable radial-type menu system with real-time prediction of user intent it’s about 4X -11X faster than any other system. Watch the YouTube Video

Our Patents

The Intellectual Property owned by Quantum Interface covers the use of motion to select and control virtual or real devices through touch or touchless interfaces. Owning patents in most major economies around the world, and with more patents being filed on a regular basis, Qi owns a broad and deep patent portfolio for the use of motion. For specific information about Qi patents, please contact us at QI-info@quantuminterface.com